Are You a Vitamin Skeptic?

The alarms sound every few years about the dangers of vitamins.  Medical institutions, Forbes, Consumer Reports and more align themselves with media writing articles discrediting the value of vitamins.  This has been routine for decades, and as long as consumers continue to purchase vitamins, the critics will be dissing them to convince people they are useless or bad in an effort to protect their interests. 

My interests are in promoting safety, good science, and favorable outcomes for my clients and readers.  Consumers are better served when they hear both sides of the story in order to make informed decisions. 

It is prudent that consumers get the real story from scientists and researchers who advocate the use of vitamins; we know what the critics say.

Scientific evidence continues to reveal the importance of nutrients for good health and how they improve cellular deficiencies. Additionally, there is extensive scientific documentation showing how nutrient deficiency is directly related to illness and disease. Reasons for this are numerous.

Chemicals are sprayed on fields to deter varmints and bugs, depleting soils of robust minerals.  Fake foods created in factories and laboratories show little, if any compatibility with cellular health.  This affects our well-being.

The least anyone should do to have a good foundation is a reputable multi-vitamin, vitamin D3, a probiotic and fish oils (EPA/DHA).

Learn more from the experts about the necessity and value of vitamins on the impact of human health.   Andrew Saul, PhD., a biologist and orthomolecular medicine genius is the featured scientist in this video below. He recommends Vitamin C megadosing for the common cold. You must start early at the first sign of a cold, ie, sneezing, feeling tired and/or run down. Take 1 gram or 1000mg of Vitamin C (wholefood or ascorbate) in powder form or tablet form every 15 minutes until you start to feel loose in the bowels. As Dr. Saul says “take enough C to be symptom free whatever the amount might be”.

 Stay well and informed.


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