Breast Cancer PREVENTION

As October approaches we are bombarded with “Pink Campaigns” about awareness that do little to promote prevention; consider who benefits most from the campaigns.

The NFL, car dealerships and food companies wear pink and nothing is said of preventing women from getting cancers. It would save more lives and suffering to raise money for prevention awareness because breast cancer risks have been increasing for decades and a cure is yet to be found. We do, however know much about prevention.

Learn about “Breast Cancer Prevention” and other health topics by attending the Natural Health Summit online October 6-9, 2014.  Click on this link to register for the conference FREE Learn from experts in natural health about hormonal imbalances, navigating menopause, restoring nutrient deficiencies and detoxifying your body. Restore your health naturally!

I am proud to be presenting about breast cancer prevention. Don’t miss this Summit.  There is something for everyone!

Stay well.

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