Will you go Organic?

Demand is increasing for organic products as most major grocery chains increase their availability.  More consumers believe that conventional foods grown on farms that use fewer toxic chemicals are safer, and more nutritious. Farmland is a beneficiary of this trend because fewer chemicals mean less destruction of the land.

Conventional farmers rarely rotate crops; it is known as mono-cropping.  The process diminishes the nutritive and mineral value of foods as it depletes soil of minerals and nutrients.  Excess amounts of hydrocarbon fertilizers and phosphate are used to fortify food grown this way.  Soil biology is destroyed and fertilizers leach out into our waterways contributing to polluted seas.  Current conventional agricultural practices are a major threat to the environment often ignored.

Foods created in labs by manipulating genes cannot be better for humans than those grown naturally. Foods created in labs are fortified with vitamins that are also made in labs and arguments are made that they have increased illness and disease.  Look at obesity rates, increase of allergies, asthma, heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions. All are linked to factory-farmed denatured foods.

Organic farmers do NOT use Genetically Modified Organism seeds (GMO), synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Rather than toxic chemicals they use compost and animal manures that build robust organic matter for fertilizer.  The result is increased water retention and more microbials that help to transform non-leachable gaseous forms of nitrogen. Treating soil in this manner deters insects and decreases the risk of plant disease.

The biggest challenge for farmers is to meet increasing demand without using conventional practices.  Those with their heart in the right place look for more ways to adopt healthy soil practices and remain as “pure” as possible.

Organic foods promote health because they are compatible with human biology and do not interrupt cellular activity.  Fast foods, artificial ingredients, genetically modified organisms insult the human genome.  It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, she always bats last.

Human cells require “real” food. If you wish to stay healthy these days, avoid foods in a box, package, or bag as a steady diet.  Support local farmers, shop at farm co-ops, or purchase food in grocery stores that do business with local farms and grow your own food as much as possible.

Our healthy efforts support hard-working farmers and ensure our food supply remains safe and plentiful for the future.  This is a struggle because it won’t create profit for multinational companies that use lobbyists to persuade government to force us into submission.

Stay well and go organic!








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