Skip the Baby Aspirin…the risks can be deadly

Popularity trumps science when it comes to using baby aspirin.  Consumers wonder how something as innocent as a tiny baby aspirin could be so dangerous but researchers are warning daily users there is more concerns than they have been led to believe.

A comprehensive review reported that a daily low-dose aspirin does have some life-saving benefits, unfortunately, reaping them are like winning the lottery.  About 40 fewer heart-related deaths occur for every 100,000 people who use a baby aspirin daily.  These odds are not good compared to the risks.

About 100 of those daily users suffered from gastrointestinal bleeding which can cause death and about 10 will suffer a stroke.  The study did NOT report there were other dangers.

Daily aspirin usage could lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness.

Researchers also found that the sudden halt of aspirin therapy appears to increase severe angina and fatal heart attacks in some patients. Talk to your doctor about the studies before you wean yourself off this supposedly “benign drug.”

Consider another heart protective solution.  Take a magnesium supplement.  Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., expert and author of The Magnesium Miracle shares scientific evidence that supports the use of magnesium to lower the risk of heart disease, prevent stroke and obesity, treat diabetes and improve mood and memory.  Magnesium is an essential nutrient indispensable for health and wellness.

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