What Clients Say

“As a breast cancer survivor, I did not want to use conventional treatment to deal with my healthcare issues. Cindy provided me with information tailored specifically to my needs. She made great recommendations and provided research and supporting scientific documentation in a confidential manner. I am healthy without medications and their side effects and I am free of menopausal symptoms thanks to Cindy. She is a wealth of knowledge!” – Debra K., Tampa, FL

“I never would have known about any of my health weaknesses unless I had met you. You have opened up an entirely new and important channel in my life through your expertise and through your book. Although I have a deep interest in women’s health issues and a holistic approach, your knowledge and resources has increased my awareness of health issues and changed my outlook forever.” – Dawn F., Safety Harbor, FL

“After dealing with GERD for over twenty years and using all the latest therapies available, I talked with Cindy. I knew that using Prilosec every day was not recommended but I was scared to death of esophageal cancer (and afraid not to use it everyday). I know all drugs have side effects and finally one came to light – greatly increased chances of broken hips in men using Prilosec and the like. Based on the scientific literature, Cindy recommended a few lifestyle changes, and a probiotic which I now use regularly and without Prilosec. I am as well as I ever have been. I am thrilled with Cindy’s help!” – Bob D., Tampa, FL

“I recommend Preservion Inc. and Cindy Krueger to anyone who is seeking to obtain true health…health beyond what typical western medicine can do. In my case I found that I had extensive damage from degenerative disc disease and other degenerative conditions in my spine. Cindy explored many possible options for treatment as well as nutritional recommendations to aid in my journey to health. She provided a comprehensive report containing many specific resources in my own community and the highest quality supplements available. Cindy accomplished this in a very short period of time which was huge to me as I was very anxious to begin to feel better. Throughout this process Cindy was very supportive and spoke to me in ‘no nonsense’ terms, which I also appreciated. Cindy stays in touch to check in on my progress. I feel fortunate to have such a valuable resource in Cindy for whatever may come my way in the future.” – Chris C., Fort Collins, CO

“I have been suffering with GERD for quite a while and was taking Prilosec, and several acid reflux medications (over the counter) with no real relief. My sister recommended that I get a Healthy Profile done with Cindy and based on my responses from the profile, she recommended a course of action with supplements and a change of diet for me. I could tell the difference almost immediately in how I felt, and I feel much better taking something “natural” and kinder to my body. Cindy was very helpful, answered all my questions with the help of scientific literature, and I have learned more about my condition from her recommendations and from her web site. Thank you Cindy!!” – Geralyn H., Houston, TX

“I found your book so enlightening and so packed with information. I have bought many copies of the book and have given them out to family members and friends who have found it just as interesting as I have. It is nice to know there are alternatives for women’s health issues. A few years ago I was having some female issues. I was fortunate enough to be in the care of a wonderful doctor who believes in taking a more natural drug-free approach. He told me about progesterone cream. It has made a world of difference. My symptoms vanished within a few months and I feel so much better, plus I am not adding dangerous chemicals into my system. I was so delighted to learn about this cream and its benefits in your book. I feel I can take charge of my personal health decisions because of the information in your book. I now know more of what to look for and what questions to ask. I keep your book very close at hand and refer to it often. Thank you for all your research, your book and also being available to answer other questions that arise.”– Terri C., St. Petersburg, FL

“Through Cindy’s lectures, consultation, phone visits, and her book, I have increased awareness of my personal health. I have gleaned alternative ideas for healthy living in areas such as nutrition and supplements. Cindy empowered me to improve the manner in which I communicate with my physicians. Thank you for being there with ideas, encouragement and suggestions whenever I call, Cindy. I really appreciate the computer updates about current health issues.” – Becky H., Tampa, FL